Five Star Pits

Here At Five Star Pits (FSP) We Take Pride In Our Pure Blood American Bully and American Pit Bull Terrier Breeds. We ONLY Breed The Highest Quality Pitbulls To Ensure You Get The Life Long Companion You've Always Dreamed Of Having.

No Dog Sold For Illegal Use

It Pretty Much Speaks For Itself. At FSP We Are 100% Against The Training and Abuse That Accompanies Fighting Pitbulls. If You Are Found To Be Fighting One Of Our Bred Dogs, You Will Be Reported
All Breeds Are 100% UKC Registered Pitbulls

Razors Edge

Razor's Edge Pitbulls stand at the forefront of the American Bully movement started at Razor's Edge Kennels as well as by other Pit Bull Breeders. Razor's Edge PitBulls or American Bullies as they are commonly referred to, are a stockier Pit Bull. They also are most often Shorter, with thicker legs and larger Heads. The muzzles are generally, more squared and shorter as well. The Temperament of the dogs are similar to traditional Pit Bulls, although the Razor's Edge Breed is widely known as being less "game".

Gottiline dogs differ from the dogs that were bred by pit fighters in that they more closely resemble the original Pit Bulls brought over from England. Gotti Pits are heavier, thicker and shorter then the fighting style Pits. They have lessened drive or gameness and make excellent family pets as they have retained the loyalty of the fighting style dog. Gotti Pit Bulls are now one of the most popular bloodlines and are highly sought after by many Pit Bull lovers.


Unlike Dave Wilson who used a number of different PitBulls in which to develop the Razor's Edge line; Fabian used just one dog to create Remy line. Of course, dozens have tried to imitate Fabian success, reasoning that if he could do it with Remyline they could accomplish the same thing with their dog "Spot". What they failed to realize is; to create another Remy line you need two elements; the right dog and marketing know-how. Many have found the path to fame and fortune to be much tougher than they realized. The fact is; no line of PitBull of the Razor's Edge or Gotti strain has even come close to gaining the recognition that Remyline has achieved.